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About Me

Hey there Beautiful!

I’m Ceci, short for Cecilia, and am currently a Hair Artist and Makeup Artist inside of Unique Salon. I’m originally from California and have gotten to experience over 16 years of styles and trends that develop from big cities to little towns, especially in the touristy town I call home.

I am in LOVE with enhancing every canvas that comes in and spends time with me. One of the best feelings in the world to me, is when I turn my clients chair, or hand them a mirror, and they instantly fall in love with their reflection. I try to understand what you say with what you mean to create that result you are trying to achieve.

I love and specialize in creating color variations, from lived in dimensional color to pops of fantasy colors, that awaken the lovelies that are young at heart. I also specialize in texturizing haircuts so that my clients can play with their hair at all times.

My other favorite specialty and love is when I create an enhancement of the beauty that is there and complements the style you are wanting to achieve with makeup. In addition to enhancing your beauty, I collaborate with The R2 Studio (a local and amazing photographer) in downtown flagstaff. 

They offer an experience with their sessions, but I collaborate with them in their CRAVE Sessions. Check them out here to see what I'm talking about!


                                       If you're ready to come spend time with me and enhance

                                  your beauty, let's get a plan together by connecting with me here                                                                                  and get you scheduled!

I look forward to getting you Cessified!
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928) 864-6181


2029 N. 4th Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

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